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Leading Health Care & Human Services Provider


The client is a premier provider of home and community-based health care, inspired by core values of respect, integrity, inclusion, and growth.

Real Estate Portfolio

Mohr Partners contracted with this client in 2009, and as of June 2021, manages the real estate portfolio of 2,975 locations in the United States. Their portfolio consists of 484 commercial leases and 2,491 residential leases.


In 2009, The management of their portfolio was in a system no longer supported by their vendor. Moreover, with many locations, the client needed lease administration services to manage their commercial properties portfolios.


Since then, Mohr has been able to help them transition to a more appropriate system, Qube Horizon, to enhance the process, maintain their portfolios and create a smoother system to oversee the leases of their commercial properties altogether.

“We have been working in partnership with Mohr Partners for Real Estate portfolio management for over 10 years. The Mohr Partners Lease Administration team has grown with us over this time and always remained agile to our specific needs. The Lease Admin team always has an eye on ensuring our processes are best in class.”

- Grant Schara, Director of Real Estate,

Leading Health Care and Human Services Provider


Started conducting bi-weekly Lease Administration Calls and weekly Real Estate Calls.

Created an organized system to maintain their commercial real estate portfolio


Mohr Lease Administrator had began using IWorks to track all documents and reconciliations that are being processed.

Mohr is responsible for contacting the landlords/property managers, reconciling and reviewing monthly statements, performing audits on legal documents, providing Qube Horizon support to the client and many more!


The Mohr Lease Administrator came on to help improve the lease administration processes, policies procedures and standards.

The Mohr Lease Administration team had an onsite visit with the client and were able to create and implement new standard operating procedures and a coherent plan to upkeep the account.

Services Provided

• Abstract lease data

• Data accuracy validation

• Document storage

• Data exception/reporting

• Critical date management

• Electronic AP processing 

• Monthly reporting

• Quarterly reporting

• Weekly invoice processing

• Monthly invoice review

• CPI calculation review

• CAM audits

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