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Services Provided

Kellermeyer Bergensons Services, LLC (“KBS”), is one of the largest and most stable private service and commercial companies in North America.

• Lease Administration

• Lease Accounting


KBS’ process for lease administration became increasingly difficult to efficiently maintain compliance with the new financial, reporting and regulatory requirements as they used a mix of diverse technology services, fragmented manual process and custom spreadsheets.


KBS was also struggling with receiving their security deposits back from the landlord, so Mohr stepped in to make the course of actions easier.



Mohr supported KBS with standardizing the lease administration process. This helped improve lease portfolios and streamline financial data, making it compliant and thus, gaining better insight into lease holding.

Using our lease administration services, Mohr helped KBS set up their lease structure in the database which resulted in the extraction of lease data in the client’s required format.

Mohr also contacted the landlord with supportive information about the lease and location to receive the deposit back in a timely manner.


Provided KBS a better lease administration system (HF-Apex) which provides the ability to track and manage leases, real property and other assets. It also provides detailed reports for lease data, accounting and management.

Mohr was able to help KBS maintain their portfolio using our services and stay compliant with the accounting rules and regulations.



Mohr also developed a risk mitigation plan with the Client and the Apex Team.

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