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CAM Reconciliation: Should you outsource it?

Outsourcing your CAM audit and reconciliation tasks to an expert lease administration company helps you in many ways.

  1. It keeps your costs low: This is one of the major benefits of outsourcing your CAM audit and reconciliation. You save on HR and training costs that you would incur if you hired someone for lease accounting and lease administration in-house.

  2. Expertise: When you outsource your CAM reconciliation to a lease administration company, you benefit from their expertise. A lease administration company has vast experience across multiple industry types which you can leverage. Your in-house lease administrator may not have that kind of exposure and expertise.

  3. Easier negotiations: If there are any discrepancies in your CAM calculations, the lease administration company to which you have outsourced the CAM reconciliation work will be the one getting in touch with your landlord. In general, this scenario is better accepted by Landlords, as the lease administration company comes across as a more reliable, third-party than your own internal team when reaching out to your Landlord. Plus, lease administration companies specialize in this kind of communication and usually have a process or protocol which is generally well-received by the other party.


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